Why take Argonaut Diving Beginning Scuba Class?

Why take Scuba Class (#scubaclass) with Argonaut Diving? Adv OW class Dives 2014 004 

  What makes the difference?

  • We guarantee a two to one ratio of students to staff.  Unless you are taking private lessons, you are not likely to find that at any other dive class!
  • We set up a 10 by 10 tent with heaters (as weather dictates), so we have shelter for you between the dives.
  • Our Beach Masters serve hot soup and snacks between dives.
  • Our staff is one of the most experienced.  We have certified over 600 beginning students in the last ten years!  issued close to 1900 overall PADI certifications, including training Divemasters and Assistant Instructors.
  • With that experienced staff and low ratio's means we can give you the individual attention you need, should you fall behind.  We go at your pace.
  • We are a Scuba School, not a dive shop.  Our priority is your scuba education, not selling you gear.
  • We have freaking fun!