Divemaster Class Sep 13, 2021 - Oct 31, 2021

You are signing up for the Argonaut Diving, SDI Divemaster Class/PADI Divemaster (additional fee), [EVENT_DATE]. You will need a Current medical waiver (past 12 months).  signed by a doctorr/  Must have min 40 dives logged to start.  Rescue Diver certified a requirement.

Registration fee does include SDI DM Crew Pak (PADI DM Crew Pak for additional fee)  and Elearning code. and Argonaut Diving Divemaster ball cap.
This course will start Monday, Sept 13th,, 6pm and run Mondays, multiple days.

Argonaut Divemaster Class Schedule:

  • Monday, Sept 13th – 6pm to 9pm Classroom
  • Thursday, Sept 16th, Audit of OW Classroom
  • Saturday, Sept 18, 5:45pm to 8:45 pm – Confined Water Session (15 min Tread & 400 yd swim)
  • Sunday, Sept 19, 5:45 pm to 8pm – Confined Water Session
  • Monday, Sept 20th (Tentative), 6pm to 9pm, – Classroom
  • Thursday Sept 23rd – CW Session 8:30 pm to 10”30 pm
  • , Sept 25thth 8am to 12 noon, Audit OW Check out Dives, Cove #2
  • Sun, Sept 26th, Audit OW Check out dives
  • Mon, Sept 27th, - 6pm to 9pm, Classroom
  • Sat Oct 16th, 5:45 to 8:45pm CW Session
  • Sun Oct 17th, 5:45pm to 8:30pm, CW Session
  • Oct 18th, 6pm to 9pm Classroom
  • Oct 23, 8am to 12 noon, Audit OW Check out Dives, Cove #2
  • Oct 24, 8am to 1pm. Audit OW Check out Dives, Cove #2
  • , Oct 25th, 6pm to 9pm Classroom session (if needed)

In addition, there will be at least two OW dives with instructor. Focus on Deep Diving, lift bag and navigation.