Argonaut Diving Terms & Conditions.  Please read carefully!

You have one year to complete certification classes unless other arrangements are made.

Swim assessment tests for OW class include a ten minute tread/float and a 200 yd swim.  For all classes you must be in reasonable shape..

If you request a transfer, less than ten days before the start of class there is a $100.00 transfer fee. All transfers are subject to availability, assessed ten days prior to the start of class..

Payment is not a guarantee of eventual certification.

Attendance in all sessions is required to pass course.  If you are late or miss any session, through no fault of Argonaut Diving, you will be rescheduled to the next class and charged a transfer fee of $100.00..  Note, next class time could easily be months in the future and subject to availability assessed ten days prior to class start time (priority given to new students).

Students must complete all SDI or PADI required skills and modules for certification.

For non-scheduled sessions additional fees will apply, dependent on pool and staff availability. 

Full refunds are available prior to start of class once all class materials have been returned to Argonaut Diving in original condition, otherwise partial refund  No refunds ten days prior to start of class.

No refunds available after start of class. 

Completed DAN medical questionnaire is required, any affirmative answers will require a doctor's release form before student is allowed into the water.  No exceptions!  Link on class page for review of questions.

100% attendance is required but does not guarantee certification.

All students are required to sign liability release and Assumption of Risk agreement, medical statement.  Any yes answers on medical questionnaire require a doctors signature that you are cleared to dive.  Without this form, we cannot let you in the water.  NO EXCEPTIONS!

Argonaut Diving reserves the right to postpone any classes that do not have minimum amount of students to run course.  In the event of postponement, student may opt for refund or for later class date.  

Typical minimums:

  • Open Water Class - 5
  • AOW class - 2
  • Rescue Diver Class - 2
  • Divemaster - 2
  • Nitorx - 1
  • Specialty classes - 2
  • EFR classes - 4